To buy or not to buy online?

When choosing to buy a new product or piece of furniture for your office, where do you automatically go to look? Normally a quick google search and in a few clicks you have found what you`re looking for and popped it into your shopping cart to check out. Within the next day or so the item turns up and usually at the worst possible time! After a wrestle with a screwdriver and a usually a few choice words later, you have a desk that`s too big or a chair that does not feel quite right. Yes, the process was quick and easy, but how long will it be before you are looking to replace these items and spending money out of your budget – again!

CMC Office ltd help to make buying office furniture just as easy as those few clicks . By investing in the time right from the start we plan and discuss with our customers to find them the right size desk for their office or finding that perfect chair and all before we have asked any payment details. We offer Free trials on all of our chairs and ergonomic set up. We will even deliver and personally assemble and install at a time that`s been agreed . Our customers end up with a the right products first time and that will last for many years. We will also be on the end of a phone line throughout for any queries – no need to quote a purchase reference number,or logon to yet another account with a password you can`t for the life of you remember. Your name will be enough!