Rapid Engineering Supplies – our background story to the job!


We have posted a couple of photos of before and after this project, but it was a particularly Imagespecial job and to get from the before photo to the after one was a proud moment for us.

We started up CMC Office Ltd in March 2013 having been in the office furniture industry for 10 years. It was a big move to start up on our own leaving behind the security of a well paid job and `Go it Alone`

So the website was up and running and the phone lines installed, but there were no emails streaming through with potential orders and the phone was silent. We decided to do a simple flyer with a few of our products on and started to knock on doors handing them out. One of these doors was Rapid Engineering who had been thinking about doing up their offices and our flyer just gave them a gentle nudge and the phone rang!!

Creg went to the first meeting and sat down with the MD to go through exactly what they wanted, not only did they want new furniture, but new flooring, ceilings, doors and a Kitchen! This then resulted in lots of meetings and site visits over the next few months so every job was planned in detail and scheduled in over two weekends so there was no time lost to the working week.

We also provided CAD drawings so the office was designed especially for each member of staff and their jobs while making full use of the space. Even a wall came down and one went up!

Sample Office Chairs were also given to the staff to trial, a much better way of getting the right chair than choosing one from a brochure.

After months of careful planning we had the `Go A Head` in July and the middle two weekends in August 2013 were scheduled in for all the major work to take place.

The `after` photos were taken at approx 3am Mon 19th August, five hours until the Working week started!

The staff were delighted with their new surroundings and we were too. After months in the planning and lots of hard work from our fantastic team of sub-contractors!!! We think the end result looks amazing and will do for many years to come.

There`s loads more photos on out Facebook page….