Planning your new office

Your office is looking a bit tired and out-dated, the furniture has seen better days and there are chairs that would make your health and safety officer have sleepless nights!!

Must be time for an office re-furb!

Where do you start when there are so many things to consider? Making sure you choose the right office not only for your employees so they feel comfortable but also so it reflects the right image to your visitors and customers, it can be hard to get the balance just right.

CMC Office can take all the stress out of this important stage in your company by working closely with you and your team, finding out exactly what your business needs. Planning now not only saves time but will save you money now and in the future as your company expands. Providing FREE 2d and 3d CAD drawings helps you plan and utilise the space you have, it might be that some items in your office already work, so why change them? We can incorporate existing furniture into the plans at this stage and work with you to match or compliment it, saving you money by making the most of what you already have invested in.

Once all is decided on the layout of your new office, we can then look at the various chairs that are available. All come in variety of colours and provide different functions from ergonomic to operator chairs. We can supply any chair for your staff to trial FREE, ensuring they get the right chair for their needs from both a practical and health and safety perspective.

We can now work with you to plan the installation of the office, working with you to times that suit you, whether it`s in the evening or over weekends so there`s minimum disruption and staff downtime. Packing crates can be supplied so your staff can keep their personal possessions safe and in one place during the re-fit. Soon your investment will be reaping the rewards when your staff return to a brand new office feeling newly motivated and raring to go!

Everyday office life will quickly be resumed but with staff morale on a high and increased client confidence a new office really is an investment in your business can`t afford to miss.