To buy or not to buy online?

When choosing to buy a new product or piece of furniture for your office, where do you automatically go to look? Normally a quick google search and in a few clicks you have found what you`re looking for and popped it into your shopping cart to check out. Within the next day or so the item turns up and usually at the worst possible time! After a wrestle with a screwdriver and a usually a few choice words later, you have a desk that`s too big or a chair that does not feel quite right. Yes, the process was quick and easy, but how long will it be before you are looking to replace these items and spending money out of your budget – again!

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Choosing the right office chair

02 saraIn this consumer world, we purchase items to get them here quickly and usually over the internet without really putting enough thought into what we are actually buying. This can be no more relevant than with the purchase of office chairs, an item of furniture the majority of people spend more time using than any other. Given this reason choosing a chair can affect our health, our productivity  and well being. So why is it we are all so willing to purchase items that not made for purpose but price and convenience.

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